Bow Porcelain Figure of  the Nun Heloise c1758

Bow Porcelain Figure of the Nun Heloise c1758

Bow porcelain manufactory. Ex E.J Handley
Collection. Traces of silvering. Different versions of this 12th Dominican nun, were produced as the earliest examples of English porcelain sculpture at the Bow manufactory, after models by JJ Kandler for Meissen. They are very rare, exhibiting the desire to.imitate Chinese blanc de chine porcelain, with the inherant limitations such as small firing cracks  and loss of strength to the tips of the body, as shown by the loss of the thumb & forefinger. It is otherwise in excellent unrestored condition.

The story of Abelard, the 12th century philosopher and theologian, and the intellectually gifted young author Heloise, niece of the Canon of Notre Dame in Paris is an affair of love and intellectual passion. Heloise strived for knowledge, truth and the question of human existence. Their love letters of 20 years survive. Their life thwarted when Heloise was forced into a convent, after becoming pregnant outside marriage to Ebelard. Six hundred years later, Josephine Bonaparte, so moved by their story, ordered their remains be entombed together in Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris. 150mm H x 120mm W x 80mm D

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