Clan Leslie Cabinet c 1700 and 1830

Clan Leslie Cabinet c 1700 and 1830

Scottish c.1700 & 1830.
steel, brass, pine
[perfect for
Scotch Whiskey]
A delightful Scots Baronial leather covered cabinet, on an 1830s Gothic stand. The top with family crest & armorial ‘Hold Fast’.

114cm high x 93cm wide x 39cm deep
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The first Leslie in Aberdeenshire was Alexander who was appointed Constable of The Bass in Inverurie in 1080 on behalf of the king, his brother-in-law. From 1457 the Clan Chief of Clan Leslie also held the position of Earl of Rothes. The Chief is currently the Hon. Alexander Leslie,[2][3] the brother of James
Malcolm David Leslie, 22nd Earl of Rothes (born 1958).

The top features the Lesley family crest in the centre, the crown and lion of England on the left, Saint  Andrew,  his cross and Scotch thistles on the right and English roses and leopards dotted around. On each side is the French Royal crest; three fleur de lys, surrounded by a wreath. On the front are two identical panels each featuring two partially armoured figures standing under arches. The figure on the right appears to be in typical Elizabethan clothing, and a curiass of 17th century or later style,
bearing the typical long, plated shoulder straps and a morion with three plumes. He carries a sword at his right hip, with an unusually simple hilt for the 17th century, and a morning star in his right hand. The sword being on his right implies he is left handed, however he carries his main weapon in his right hand. The figure on the left is similarly attired, but instead wears a half armour, of cuirass, pauldron, arm harnesses and helmet. The cuirass is very simple in shape, but is drawn down to a sharp point in the middle of the bottom edge, quite the opposite of standard convention, and could prove dangerous to the wearer if he tried to bend forward.  The pauldrons, with the large front plates and plates extended down to the elbow are typical of the 17th century. The helmet could depict a lobster tail helmet.