Irish Regency Sideboard c1815

Irish Regency Sideboard c1815

A magificent Cork Regency mahogany tray top sideboard from Lee Mount, Coolymurraghue, Cork c1815. The tray back with grooved recess for displaying silver, with a central carved laurel wreath. The top above four acanthus leaf  topped buttresses, central drawer, with concealed drawer under, the right hand a cellarette, the left a cupboard. The whole with reel carved edges

Lee Mount was built c1780 by the Colehurst family of Blarney Castle. The esteemed Irish Regency novelist, Eliza Fenwick, wrote to a friend in 1812, (at about the time this sideboard was delivered)  describing the house, shortly before taking up the position of governess.
“It stands on the side of a Hill, sheltered to the North by a wood. The grounds slope down to a river, on the other side of which rises an abrupt precipice, crowned with the ruins of a fine old Castle. The background of a range of Mountains shuts in the whole. In the painting it is romantic and picturesque in the extreme”.

124cm H x 215cmW x 75cm D

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