Regency library mantel clock c 1810

Regency library mantel clock c 1810

REGENCY! Day 15 of 21/.

A classic English Regency period library ormolu mantel clock in the form of a domestic Pompeian altar (arula) with an Ionic volute pillar, derived from the altar of Apollo at Pomeii, in black Derbyshire slate.
Eight day fusee time piece movement, with fine engine turned dial & gilding, in nice original condition.
Such clocks were manufactured by Benjamin Vulliamy since the late 1790s, who seems to be the originator of this case type. There is a similar one in the Royal Collection, UK. His library of designs being the inspiration for many Regency bronze & silver objects. It is apparently unsigned and will be cleaned & serviced.
Height 12cm
UK origin c 1815


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