Superb Huon pine table top

Superb Huon pine table top

Size 175cm x 76cm x 5cm . Seats 8.

Quite possibly the finest example of the endemic golden Tasmanian Huon pine (Lagarostrobos franklini). Commonly called a pine, this is a misnomer. One of the oldest living organisms on earth and only found in the South West wilderness rainforest of Tasmania. It is naturally oily and trees pulled from the bottom of rivers can be used perfectly – it simply does not rot. Early settlers likened it to yew.  Growing at less than a fraction of a mm a year this bookmatched 1″ thick table top is extraordinary heavy, & contains exceptional timber – over 2000 years old at time of cutting. Continuing to put oil out, it will eventually go the colour of marmalade.

Never blocked or mounted. The top beautifully bookmatched to stop warping whilst unfixed. 30 years on it is in mint condition.

Price inc GST  $2,500